Why Rainbow Six Siege is so popular amongst its users

Why Rainbow Six Siege is so popular amongst its users

update June 2018: Since its launch in December 2015, Rainbow Six Siege has changed dramatically: The tactical shooter receives regular updates and has undergone massive technical overhauls. Since our test and the original rating of 7.5 no longer reflect the current state of the game, we have revised the article. The test for Rainbow Six Siege is based on Operation Para Bellum.

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In a harbour in Germany a special unit with members from different countries is trying to free a hostage who is held in an office building somewhere.

The German GSG9 member IQ, however, seems to have other plans, as the round in Rainbow Six Siege hardly begins, when the masked woman shoots her teammates over and then leaves the game. I have the experience of starting the game to death in Rainbow Six: I’ve had victories more than once and she represents the element that every minute in the game will decide whether you have fun with the shooter or not:

The players

The focus of attention in Rainbow Six Siege is the multiplayer mode. Apart from the basic mechanisms of the shooter, the gaming experience can and will differ more or less in every match. But the real difference is the people you play with. Ideally, you will play the matches together with friends – or at least with strangers who are willing to communicate.

If you want to enjoy Rainbow Six as much as possible, you need a headset and, above all, players who have one. Communication without language is difficult and except for a ping, with which you can put a marker on the map for a few seconds, the only thing left for victories is the shooter expression dance with shots and jumps.

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Trolls, who shoot their team mates over the edge in multiplayer, are still part of everyday life almost two and a half years after the game’s release – especially in the Locker player search. Ubisoft can only take limited action against them, as deactivating team damage would take a huge tactical component out of the shooter.

In the rankings search, on the other hand, concentrated “work” is on the agenda. Not for nothing has this mode become the most popular variant in Victories. Basically, the individual cases with idiots who spoil the experience for others do not stand for the highlights I experience daily in Rainbow Six Siege.

Compressed tactics
As simple as it may sound, but Rainbow Six is all about winning: winning is about entering a room as an attacker, or rather preventing this as a defender. Exactly what is waiting in the room, whether hostage, bombs or poison gas, doesn’t really matter for the actual game.

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The name says it all: Victory – the siege – is the core of the game. Much more often than I witnessed mission objectives being fulfilled, a match ended because one team was completely eliminated.

The greatest strength of Rainbow Six Siege is that the developers have managed to vaporize the detailed planning phase and methodical use of the originals to such an extent that they fit into the short matches of Siege. At the start of each round, the defenders secure their position and the attackers try to find their target with small remote-controlled drones. And again, agreements make Rainbow Six: Victories a better game.
Planning is half the battle
Although the maps are all relatively compact, they are so twisted that one player alone, with luck alone, can find the goal of the match with his drone. Only if all players spread out, the most important areas are also quickly explored.

It works similarly with the defenders. Of course, everyone can nail down doors, distribute booby traps and barbed wire wherever it suits them. But winning is not just about putting obstacles in the way of your opponent. It’s much more about guiding the attackers through the level as it fits into your own plans.

With every barricade and every booby trap, no matter how obvious, you take away the attacker’s pace and, at best, force him to take a different path. Preferably a route that is covered by a teammate. And all this has to be weighed up in less than a minute – even before the first shot has been fired.
And, action!

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