Players Unknown Battlegrounds – a review of the original Battle Royale Game

Players Unknown Battlegrounds – a review of the original Battle Royale Game

Online shooters live from fair competition; cheat programs on the PC are poison for that. PUBG especially suffers from this. Impossible shots, weapons without recoil, opponents with X-ray vision: Reports of cheating in PUBG have been accumulating in recent weeks and months. Even in tests, many a head shot from strange angles and through walls aroused our suspicion. Especially from the Asian region and there especially China many cheaters seem to come from there, in the People’s Republic also cheating programs are developed.


Replays allow you to analyze your own mistakes and track down suspected cheaters – but the editor crashes reliably.

Since ordinary players currently do not create password-protected custom matches or have access to a server list, they are at the mercy of matchmaking for better or worse. At the time of going to press, this was still wildly confusing players from all regions; this is how the masses of Chinese cheaters find their way to European servers. Nevertheless: Recently the developers added a function to the replay mode to report cheaters and request a ban. However, the community has been waiting in vain for further, effective anti-cheat measures. Here PUBG Corporation urgently needs to make improvements to keep the fun fair!

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and the Lootboxes

So far, the steam hit was free of the microtransactions hated by players, except for the short debacle during Gamescom. This is about to change. With completed games you earn Battle Points (BP) in PUBG. You need a proud 3,000 of these points to change the gender or appearance of your character. The ingame credits can also be used to buy lootboxes for 700 BP. Included are clothing items that have purely cosmetic effects – whether your avatar wears a leather coat or a pink miniskirt makes no difference to the balancing.

There is no way to buy BPs with real money in the game, but there is a large market for the most desirable items on Steam, which can be traded for 1,000 Euros and more. However, these are purely private deals between two players, and the developers of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds do not earn a cent on them.

However, the developers on the test servers have just introduced a new type of crate called Desperado Crates, which has a higher chance of finding rare items – and is not so easy to open. This can only be done with a key, which you have to buy separately – in the ingame shop each of them is said to cost around 2.50 Euros. This money would go directly to developer PUBG Corporation in the future – presumably to finance the operation of the servers and further development of the game in the long run. Whether this is even necessary in view of the excellent sales figures is, however, a completely different matter.

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PUBG review: Not a good shooter
For virtual killing there is an extensive arsenal of weapons available, but neither sniper rifles nor shotguns or pistols feel really good. The feel of the weapons is spongy, the operation with the mouse seems imprecise, the feedback is meagre. So the shootings aren’t really fun, which is even more serious as they usually represent some of the few moments of excitement in a sea of boredom and dreariness. The hunt for better equipment takes up a large part of the game time and is about as exciting as finding the right screw in the hardware store, especially since it is repeated every time.

After all, the so-called loot drops are fairly distributed; there is also some decent stuff to be found away from the busy locations. Only when the indicator for the number of survivors slowly ticks down in the course of a game, the playing area on the map gets smaller and you yourself desperately try to stay in front of the blue energy barrier but at the same time not to attract attention, PUBG unfolds its great strength. Because the tension in the final minutes of a match can hardly be delivered by any other shooter; every mistake can mean screen death, which is why you listen with bated breath for the sound of footsteps, hiding in an inaccessible corner, your palms wet with sweat.

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