Kick the Boss 3 Test & Review

Kick the Boss 3 Test & Review

Every employee or worker, or at least almost everyone has only one wish: to really beat up their boss. There is no other way to explain the success of the various “Hau den Chef” games. Beat the Boss, the third one makes no exception (free of charge).

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Have you ever felt the desire to punch the boss in the face? Honestly! Who hasn’t, except the boss himself? So that such niceties don’t end up in a dismissal, you can even virtually punch your boss in the face. It might not be as much fun, but you can also let yourself go.100 weapons in the fight against the boss

In Beat the Boss 3, you pick up all kinds of weapons. Starting with a slap in the face and a bow and arrow, squeak hammer and fireworks are not the end of the story. You’ll have to work hard, though, or you won’t get all those premium weapons. Stop, you are not supposed to work in the office, the work is limited to beating up the boss. Because you collect money and diamonds and you can buy all the nasty weapons that will kill your boss.

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Boss Toolbox
And if the boss on the screen doesn’t look like your real chief at all, then you simply create one that looks as similar as possible to him. That way, you’ll have even more fun beating the shit out of him. Especially since the boss doesn’t spare you stupid sayings and provokes you quite a bit. However, the same applies to boss building: You need enough coins or diamonds to make it look like your real boss. Then you can even determine the eyes, mouth, nose, hair, beard and much more and of course the outfit. Of course you can also get rid of real money if you feel like it.

You can also determine the setting in front of which you beat up the creep. In the boss’s office it might be funny, because all the other employees are watching, but inviting your boss to Russia to beat him up has its advantages, especially in winter.

What can one say about such games? They are as unnecessary as a fishing rod in the desert, but they are obviously fun. Otherwise the many downloads and good reviews can’t be explained. So we agree with this opinion and leave the game installed to reduce our aggression. However, we only frowned at the many permissions this app demands. The bosses are at a disadvantage, because to our knowledge there is no “hit the employee” app yet.

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