Is Roblox a good game for kids?

Is Roblox a good game for kids?

There is no story at ROBLOX. The aim of the game is to create virtual worlds, which are presented in the style of LEGO or Minecraft, to live out in various mini-games, to be creative, to make friends and to exchange ideas in different groups. So you’re talking about an MMO (massively multiplayer online game), a community, or perhaps almost a social network.
In the game, entire cities or amusement parks can be built, a fast food store can be managed or a family scenario can be replayed. The possibilities seem unlimited and ROBLOX offers a wide range of possibilities for boys and girls of different ages. There is a difference between the ROBLOX Studio (blue button on the PC) and the ROBLOX Player (red button) – depending on whether you want to create content yourself or try out content from other players.

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Pedagogical evaluation:

At the beginning you have to register for free on the homepage by entering your e-mail address, password, gender and date of birth. Afterwards you will get access to the virtual ROBLOX universe – provided you are able to speak English. ROBLOX is not yet available in German. After registering you will receive a ready-made character (avatar). This can be redesigned according to your own ideas if required. Clothing, hairstyle and many other things can be customized. This is mostly free of charge, but for certain accessories you have to pay money. If the avatar is supposed to look like a king or a fantasy creature, the game also offers a colorful selection of clothing and body statues.

ROBLOX-STUDIO – creative, more creative, most creative
The title has a creative approach and the ROBLOX studio allows players to create their own world. As an example: From a bird’s eye view, you first choose an underground, for example a meadow, and place trees and paths on it. Then you put a car on the path and test the specially designed world with your avatar from a third-person perspective (the camera follows the character from behind). While testing your world you get into the car and drive through the landscape. Later on you can add mountains from the bird’s-eye view to use them as ski jumps. Now you have developed a rally car racing game. Now upload it to the ROBLOX platform and share it with the community.

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The ROBLOX Studio is very well suited for active media work with children and young people, as the user interface is easy to understand after a short training period. There is no need to rely on the English language, as most of the buttons are illustrated. The LEGO-style design allows for a child-friendly presentation. Recreating your own home or building roller coasters are only two examples for the creative confrontation with the game. In addition, themes (e.g. Wild West) can be preset on the start screen, so that you can explicitly access objects, houses or plants from the times of cowboys and Indians. Thus, children and young people can playfully deal with the different themes. It would be advisable to restrict access to the ROBLOX Studio for young children, as the ROBLOX Player quickly provides content that is not suitable for young players.

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