Can League of Legends hold up with new games from 2020?

Can League of Legends hold up with new games from 2020?

Why do I enjoy LoL so much?
Because of the competitive factor. There are so many players who breathe life into a character through their individuality. It starts with how the character moves on the map and ends with how the players behave in chat.

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The quintessence of the League of Legends game lies in the 5 vs 5 team play, where you can participate in competitions as a well-rehearsed team or just for fun.
Only then does a game dynamic unfold that goes far beyond conventional play.

Core of the game (Story)
A conventional story with beginning and end is not to be found in LoL, but there is a core task for both teams, which is to the opposing Nexus (main building)
to penetrate and destroy it.

The League of Legends design is simple, with no intricate video sequences or interactive level elements. The graphics are similar to a comic book, as are the animations of the characters and their abilities (please read more about graphics here)

Speed and gameplay
LoL is a very fast moving game, often creating a negative atmosphere among players who don’t know each other.

Due to the different game modes and ranking divisions, you often meet players only once in a session and due to the low interaction, the main impression you get from a player is often only his playing style. This can be positive, then a “Good work!” or other confirmation is sometimes expressed. But in most cases it is a negative way of playing that makes players use the chat function.

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Regarding the gameplay, there is to say that the game can be experienced in real time. Every second in the game you could make a new decision that would significantly change the gameplay. The more players are involved in an action, the faster important decisions have to be made,

Example Teamfight (positioning against dangerous abilities, cooldowns on abilities, who needs to be focused, what summoning spells are available)- just to name a few.

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Because of the great demand for sportsmanship and teamwork, as well as the ability to influence the game, I think League of Legends is a great game for all ages.

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