Battlefield 4 in the test – with rumble and routine

Battlefield 4 in the test – with rumble and routine

The solo campaign of Battlefield 4 charms the eye, ear and trigger finger in the test, but obviously thinks we’re all stupid. Can the multiplayer mode with its levolution destruction pull the tank out of the mud?
We’ve played through the solo campaign several times, fought multiplayer battles under live conditions for days on end – now Battlefield 4 is finally ready for our final evaluation, which includes both the singleplayer and multiplayer parts. And we’re not entirely happy with either.

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In fact, we’re extremely unhappy with the Battlefield 4 campaign. Because it unfolds a handful of impressive bang moments, but wraps them up in a badly told and badly narrated storyline with sometimes boring, sometimes illogical tasks. Old Swede, Dice, that would be so much better!

But what about the multiplayer battles, traditionally the core strength of the Battlefield series? Two years have passed since Battlefield 3, but we have to look for big innovations in Battlefield 4 apparently with a magnifying glass. So the big question is: Does it really look like a full-fledged sequel? Same setting, same team sizes (up to 32 against 32 players), at first glance identical equipment and graphics that have only been improved in details – no wonder that the mocking name “Battlefield 3.5” was circulating in the community shortly after the announcement.

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But as everyone knows, trial and error is always a matter of study, and in the course of our extensive game sessions we discovered some multiplayer changes compared to the predecessor – even if, let’s face it, not only positive ones.

The multiplayer class selection in Battlefield 4 has not changed at all at first. We still choose between Assault, Support, Engineer and Recon. Nevertheless Dice has made some changes here as well.

In order to take away the almost unstoppable “Medic-Trains” known from Battlefield 3 (all players of a squad play Assault in order to constantly revive each other) their terror, the defibrillator of the Storm Soldier has been considerably weakened. Fallen comrades can only be brought back to life once and only receive twenty percent of their life energy back.

There are more life points if we recharge our electric shock before the mission. But all too good Samaritans run the risk of missing the significantly shortened time frame for a successful resuscitation. Nevertheless, the defibrillator should be part of the hand luggage of every good storm soldier.

The pioneer’s standard equipment would probably immediately attract a whole horde of Tazer-swinging Sky Marshals. The noise boom expert can choose from an extensive arsenal of different types of rocket launchers, all of which differ in terms of (automatic) target engagement and damage.

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Brand new are the M2 SLAM mines, which can also be mounted on walls. Or you can attach them directly to the target vehicle, ignite them from a safe distance with a rocket hit and enjoy the resulting fireworks – aaah, oooh!

The supporter can only watch with envy. He’s missing a weapon that he can use effectively against vehicles – at least until he has collected 134,000 points through successful play and finally unlocks the C4 known from Battlefield 3.

With a volley from his light machine gun, he coughs up enough lead to make three aircraft carriers out of enemy infantry. With his XM25 airburst he also shoots air-launching grenades, which can cause headaches even to entrenched enemies.

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